2016-05-27   ~   Final Project Video
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 You can watch the Final Project LignoFood Video if you click here: 

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 The event will take place between October 10th and 12th 

A partner project is organising the 5th conference of Beneficial Microbes Conference for the month of October 2016. 

On this occasion, it will be submitted an abstract with the results on the prebiotic effects of XOS obtained in the last months of the
project LignoFOOD

The last conference was organized in March 2015 in The Hague, Netherlands. In that event, the aim was to give researchers new
information about the progress of XOS project. The profile of participants was very varied. In addition, TNO and ISANATUR attended to
expose the work of LignoFOOD.

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 The progress comparing to last meeting is significant 

The new meeting of the Steering Committee presented the finals results of the work packages WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5. Moreover, they
showed the results of the Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost of the project. The event took place in December 18th 2015.

Also, the goal of this meeting was visiting the project pilot plant in ISANATUR facilities. The Steering Committee has attempted
financial issues and had reporting about this topics.  

The meeting partners took place in Spanish city of Tudela. It is the location of ISANATUR SPAIN, one of the promotor partners of
LignoFOOD idea. The attendees to this event were CONTACTICA, ISANATUR, ENV, ZADE, HLAB, CSIC, IBB-TUG, TNO, ILTEK and CITA.

This event took place after the meeting last April 21st in Konya. On this occasion, the partners presented the progress of WP1, WP2,
WP3 and WP4 and the analysis of LCA and LCC.

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 The first event took place in Frankfurt and the other in Moscow 

The project partner BIOREACTOR went to ACHEMA between June 15th and 19th, where a demonstration and discussion of the potential
application of bioreactors in the project LignoFOOD took place.

ACHEMA is a leading global forum for the Process Industries. This event is relevant for professionals and companies related to chemical
engineering and process industry. According to ACHEMA website, in the 2015 edition attended about 3,800 exhibitors from all around the
world. They presented their products, solutions and services in this trade fair. 

This meeting can be decisive for companies and people who come because it implies the take-off for investment decisions. It is
considerated, according to ACHEMA, “a international network of experts and executives”.

On the other hand, BIOREACTOR went to PHARMTECH 2015 between November 24th and 27th in Moscow, Russia. They was demonstrated the
visitors of stand the achievements of LignoFOOD project and discussed about it potential application in Russia.

Nowadays, this trade fair is the biggest international exhibition in Russia and the CIS presenting equipment, raw materials and
technologies for manufacturing pharmaceutical products, blood artefacts, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. After each
presentation, professionals in the pharmaceutical industry can converse with companies, consult them on some solutions for their
business objectives and learn about advances within the industry.

In general, these fairs helps BIOREACTOR to increase contact between professionals and leading companies that might be interested in
the project.

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 These meetings took place in May and October

CONTACTICA went to ProBIO between October 6th and 7th in Brussels and presented LignoFOOD project with the intention of searching for
possible investors on the business opportunity of LignoFOOD.

This conference was useful to learn how to make more of the bioeconomy R&D results. There, professionals and companies were able to
share their results to business expert, discuss methodologies for policy improvement and evaluate new opportunities for future

In general, ProBIO was positive for the project because CONTACTICA had the opportunity to meet business professionals.

In addition, CONTACTICA, ISANATUR and ENVIROHEMP have participated in the AgroFuture & Ventures organized by The Navarran European
Business Innovation Centre (CEIN) May 12th in Noain, a Spanish town in Pamplona. The most important purpose of networking was the
LignoFOOD presentation. 

Finally, you can watch a video in this link (minute 7:17 onwards):

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 The publication complements the project information about sugar substitute

Recently, a LignoFOOD partner published a scientific article in the Bioresource Technology journal. It’s about the building
systematic strain and process development through the production of Xylitol by Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

It’s very interesting for this project this novel as it deepens from the productive development of Xylitol and it contributes for
more information. Furthermore, the written paper work is complemented by an audiovisual presentation for supporting the scientific

The authors of this scientific publication are SM. Pratter, T. Eixelsberger and B. Nidetzky, from Institute of Biotechnology and
Biochemical Engineering at Graz Technology University (IBB-TUG), one of the project repliki zegarkw partner. The writing is available since September
25th2015 and the audiovisual presentation was premiered on Internet in October.

Other interesting scientific publication is “Co-immobilization and stabilization of xylanase, -xylosidase and
-L-arabinofuranosidase from Penicillium janczewskii for arabinoxylan hydrolysis” published in the Process Biochemistry journal
and written by Cesar Terrasan, J.M. Guisan among other authors from project partner of The Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry,
which is a research center belonging to the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). 

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 The meeting took place between September 23rd and 24th in Pamplona (Spain)

The project partners went to the InnovAction Week in the Spanish city of Pamplona. LignoFOOD poster was shown at the stand of ISANATUR,
samples of XOS and xylitol were presented to visitors. ISANATUR was interviewed by the local TV of Navarra.

The purpose of this event is encourage to companies and entrepreneurs to bet for the innovation. In this way, they’ll be able to
encourage the economic activity and the employment.

Pamplona InnovAction Week participated in a  Professional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair in which several companies had stands
where they presented their projects to more than 1,000 company bosses.

As a result of this InnovAction Week, there were 1,116 visitors, 64 exhibitors, 418 companies, 49 entrepreneurial projects and 41
conferences. You cant watch a video in this link (minute 1:04 onwards):

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 It is the main Europe event in the nanotechnologies area 

ILTEK participated in the conference organised in Riga between June 10th and 12th. They presented a LignoFOOD poster. The event was
held during the Latvia presidency of the Council of the EU. 

This is one of the most important event in the EU and the biggest market that exists in the nanotechnologies area and advanced
materials. In this forum, many companies presented the progress of nanoscience and nanotechnology. 

EuroNanoForum 2015 is a meeting for personalities from industry, science and politics to explore leading edge technology research and
the innovations in the sector. Is the 7th EuroNanoForum conference where 1200 delegates participated, whom 150 of them were high-lever

UPDATE: Also ILTEK presented an abstract poster on the 18th National Biotechnology Congress between December 18th and 19th in Konya,
Turkey. The tittle of the poster is “Investigation of the effects of Lignocellolusic Xylooligosaccharides on the Colon Epithelial
Tissue Model Cells”. The authors are Fatmanur Aykül, Meltem Demirel Kars, Gökhan Kars y Mustafa Ersöz.

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 The appointment was celebrated between May 16th and 17th 2015

ISANATUR, ENVIROHEMP and CONTACTICA attended to Expocañamo fair in Sevilla (Spain). Partners came with the intention to disseminate
LignoFOOD project and presented it as a business opportunity to exploit hemp by-products, contact with hemp producers, and possible
commercial partners.

Expocañamo is a new bet from Sevilla (Spain) for spreading the hemp culture. They want to educate the civil society and companies
about the therapeutic and industrial uses. The exhibition offered to the public a playful teaching where people could do workshops and
activities and they could attend outdoor concerts. 

This event is the first edition which has been celebrated and it had an important support. More than 4.000 visitors, 70 exhibitors, and
more than 25 speakers and 10 bands attended to this fair. 

This new fair will have, surely, a new edition in 2016. 

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 In this occasion, only ZADE was between May 5th and 7th in Geneva, Switzerland

The partner ZADE was in VITAFOODS EUROPE 2015. LignoFOOD brochures were distributed to all the visitors. The event was an absolute
success, having more visitors from 101 countries, 820 exhibitors companies from 47 countries and more ingredients than before, with
approximately 15,627 attendees, 12% increase.

The event helps to meet companies and industry professionals and offer them new ingredients and services, as well as they can discuss
potential business opportunities. The companies offer “ingredients and raw materials such as fish oil concentrates, botanical
extracts, amino acids and glycosilated flavonoids to professionals from the nutraceutical, functional food and beverage and dietary
supplement industries”, according to Vitafoods website. 

Vitafoods Europe was part of Informa’s Global Health Nutrition Network which includes SupplySide West, Ingredient Marketplace,
Vitafoods Asia, Vitafoods South America, Vitafoods Russia & CIS, Vitafoods Southern Africa, Finished Products Europe and Petfood 2.0.

Last year, CONTACTICA and ZADE attended to VITAFOODS EUROPE 2014 and they achieved to identified end-users showing interest on
LignoFOOD products: XOS and xylitol.

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 The partners discuss about work progress

Steering Committee (SC) & PCC & EB meeting was in April 21st 2015 in Turkey. The LignoFOOD partners showed the progress in the
different work packages: WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP4. 

The Consortium discussed about several issues of the Life Cycle Assessment –LCA- and Life Cycle Cost –LCC- too. It will help to
determinate the economic viability and the environmental impact of the LignoFOOD products obtained by the processes developed by

The LignoFOOD partners CONTACTICA, ISANATUR, ENV, ZADE, CSIC, IBB-TUG, TNO, CITA and ILTEK had been in this meeting in Konya, where the
Advanced Technology Research Centre of Selcuk University (ILTEK) is located.

This event took place after the meeting last October 10th 2014. On that occasion, the partners gave their opinion about the review

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 ISANATUR had the opportunity to present LignoFOOD project 

The partner TNO organised between March 16th and 18th 2015 the 4th Beneficial Microbes Conference In the Hague, Netherlands. Jos Vossen
-scientist microbiology from TNO- presented the i-screen platform model used to study the XOS prebiotic effect in the project. 

The goal of this meeting was to provide the researchers new information about the progress in pre- and probiotics. Basic and
translational research scientists, nutritionists, dietitians, physicians, students, policy makers, and key opinion leaders with an
interest in pre- and probiotics attended to this event.

Also, ISANATUR SPAIN -LignoFOOD partner- attended the 4th Beneficial Microbes Conference. They want to achieve the objective of the
event: to catch up on the progress reached up and expose the project to a broad audience of the scientific community.

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 This trade fair was celebrated between February 11th and 14th 

ISANATUR’s participation in the LignoFOOD project has been acknowledged and disseminated in one-to-one conversation meetings with a
total of 37 international company exhibitors in the Biofach & Vivaness Exhibition in Nürnberg, Germany, February 2015.

BioFach 2015 Nuremberg is an exhibition of eco-organic agriculture to attending the best specialists and professionals and companies in
the sector.

This trade fair is the place where industry proffesionals and others who might be interested share their passionate interest in organic
food, get to know each other and exchange views. 

There people can find different stand of organic food, natural products, household supplies, mass media, services, organic agriculture
and marketing.

The most important outcome for ISANATUR was achieved.

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 The 10th of October 2014, the next day to the last SC&PCC meeting that gathered all LIGNOFOOD partners on month 12, a Review Meeting
between them all as well as with the Project Officer and the Project Reviewer was held in the REA building in Brussels, Belgium. This
meeting was programmed so both of them could appreciate all the progress achieved so far and evaluate it, as well as give in return
some feedback that could be useful for the consortium partners in the future.

Hence, the Project Coordinator Contactica explained the project overview, status report, deviations, delays, management issues and
dissemination activities, in addition to all of those matters of interest already discussed the previous day in the SC&PCC meeting
celebrated among the partners.

To sum up, each of the RTDs explained the work done in the first nine months of the project to meet the SMEs’ expectations, and the
SME and end users presented their companies and their objectives for LIGNOFOOD. Meanwhile, the Project Reviewer intervened with
inquiries to reach the general idea of the project’s current situation.

Once all partners cleared out all questions and everything was clarified, the consortium received the REA’s and the Reviewer’s
feedback of the Periodic Report 1 on the most important issues regarding the project’s next moves.

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 The conference took place 9th of October

Already a year has passed since the project started in October 2013, and a new Steering Committee (SC) and Project Coordination
Committeee (PCC) meeting takes place the 9th of October 2014 in the REA building in Brussels, Belgium. 

As always, this meeting serves as an opportunity to know what the current situation of the project is, the tasks held up to date and
those that should be undertaken in the following months. The RTD partners were the main protagonists of this meeting, and one by one
they stated the progress achieved in their due tasks throughout their research and tests.

Also, knowledge transference from the RTDs to the SMEs has already begun to be produced, in particular by partner CSIC towards
Isanatur. Personnel from partner ISANATUR is going to start working in CSIC facilities this month of October in order to learn about
the XOS production process (enzyme immobilization and reaction conditions).

Indeed, different interactions between partners are needed depending on the kind of process developed in the project. The hemp
pre-treatment for the demonstration stage, for example, can also be assumed to be started soon, as the pilot plant set up in Spain is
expected rolex repliki to be ready by February of 2015.

Overall, the project’s advances since the last SC&PCC meeting from April were shared among the Consortium partners, and several other
issues such as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management and other technical matters were discussed so partners will take them into
account for the following months of Project LIGNOFOOD.

This meeting gathered most Lignofood partners reunite: Contactica, Isanatur, Envirohemp, Zade Vital, Institute of Catalysis and
Petrochemistry (ICP-CSIC), Graz University of Technology (IBB-TUG), TNO, Selcuk University (ILTEK) and the Centre of Innovation and
Food Technology from La Rioja (CITA). All but Biotech Power from Italy, partner who has recently been withdrawn from the project.

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 The appointments took place in March, April and June

Barcelona embraces the Alimentaria 2014 trade fair, where partners ISANATUR and CONTACTICA attended, searching for business contact.

Alimentaria 2014 is an international business centre for food and beverage industry professionals, where more than 50 countries
presented their companies. 

The most important outcome was one-to-one conversational meetings with a total of 106 international company exhibitors (food-industry
related), identified end-users for enriched products with the addition of XOS as well as end-users which are willing to substitute
their current sugar for Xylitol.

The Alimentaria Hub received more than 8,000 meetings between exhibitors and international buyers, being the epicentre of innovation.
More than 50 speakers analysed the present and the future of the sector and they showed the most innovative products. 

Aproximately 3,800 exhibitors and 140,000 visitors from 140 different countries attended. 

In this trade fair, the project partners collected interesting contacts for the future of the project. You can watch a video (minute
5:11 onwards):

Furthermore, ISANATUR and CONTACTICA went to Free From Food in Brussels, Belgium. This trade fair took place between June 3rd and 4th.
Free From Food Expo is Europe´s Most wanted Business event for, and initiated by the Free From Food Industry. The free-from trading
platform where top-level decision makers come to reach new products, find new suppliers, keeps existing suppliers, keeps up-to-date
with trends and stay tuned with the fast growing free-from industry. ISANATUR´s agenda priorities are building collaborations,
pre-commercial agreements, carrying out one-to-one meetings, and exploring new market opportunities.

For the partners of LignoFOOD, the basic requirements that should meet the ingredients with customer needs are: organic certification,
BIO and gluten-free. They did interesting contacts in this event. It could be important for the future of the project.

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 The meetings have taken place in different countries

ZADE attended to several trade fairs this year. This partner wanted to do contacts with companies and industry professionals. These
fairs were Gulfood 2014, Foodex 2014, Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) Singapore 2014 and SIAL China 2014. 

Gulfood 2014 was celebrated between February 23rd and 27th in Dubai. This trade fair of food and non-alcoholic beverages is celebrated
each year in Dubai Internacional Convention and Exhibition Center. The main purpose to achieve is the meeting between manufacturers,
distributors and suppliers around the world of food sectors and hospitality trade. The meeting has attracted more than 4,500 exhibitors
from 120 countries exhibiting food and beverage.

On the other hand, Foodex 2014 took place in a Japanese city of Chiba between March 4th and 7th in the Nippon Convention Center of
Tokyo. This is one of the most important events in Japan and the largest fair that takes place in the Asia Pacific area where people
show the latest developments and innovations in the food industry and beverage. It’s celebrated each year and is aimed to exclusively
professional public. The meeting attracted lots of buyers, supermarkets, importers of beverages… 

On April, ZADE attended to FHA Singapore 2014. This fair took place between 8th and 11th in Singapore. It’s celebrated biannually and
more than 3,000 exhibitors from 64 countries attend to this event assist. Professionals and specialists in the sector reach 45,000
visitors, according to an estimation.

Other important fair was SIAL CHINA. It was celebrated between May 13th and 15th in Shangai. This trade fair had 2,400 exhibitors and
45,000 visitors from around the world. This is the most important event for Chinese food market. There was several events: La Cuisine
by Sial, Sial Innovation, Retail & Hospitality Forum and SIAL Business Meetings.

The LignoFOOD partner ZADE was able to make new contacts with professionals and companies in this trade fairs. Also, they projected
their work in project LignoFOOD beyond the national and European area. 

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 This trade fair took place between May 6th and 8th
VITAFOODS EUROPE 2014 is leading ingredients and raw materials event for the nutraceutical, dietary supplements and functional food and
drinks industries. It was celebrated in Geneva, Switzerland. The partners ZADE and CONTACTICA attended to this trade fair. 

The most important outcome was one-to-one conversational meetings with different international companies in the nutraceutical sector.
It identified end-users showing interest on LignoFOOD products: XOS and xylitol.

CONTACTICA and ZADE did interesting contacts for the future. 

VITAFOODS received 700 global ingredient suppliers and 13,000 industry professionals. Furthermore, in this 2014 edition attended 573
international exhibitors, according to a report by the fair ICEX “España Exportación e Inversiones” (Spain Export and

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 The attendees were ILTEK, CONTACTICA and ISANATUR

In the process to achieve the key aims, the LignoFOOD partners attended in April 2014 to different conferences, where they had the
opportunity to present project LignoFOOD. 

ILTEK assisted on the April 11th to the conference of Industrial Technologies 2014 in Atenas. This is the third biannual conference
where 150 high-level speakers present biotechnology, nanotechnology, advanced materials and new production technologies. As always,
this meeting is an opportunity to know the industry representatives, the investigation and politic. 

On the other hand, Spanish partners CONTACTICA and ISANATUR went to the XV Public Private Partnership Forum, which is entitled
"Nutrition and health in specific population groups (older adults)”. Organised by the Spanish National Institute for Agronomic
Research (INIA) on April 28th in Madrid, with the purpose to look at possible synergies on studies related to nutrition and health to
achieve new bioactive ingredients and apply them to the development of functional foods.

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 This European trade fair, celebrated in Germany, gives the opportunity to promote your Company or project within the global food

ISANATUR and CONTACTICA project partners took part of this trade fair, between November 19th and 21st 2013 because they wanted to
disseminate the LignoFOOD project in a world meeting of food industry.

The most important outcome was one-to-one conversational meetings with 46 company exhibitors, most of them potential competitors in the
food-ingredient market, market research of XOS and xylitol producers and prices. 

This trade fair is celebrated once every two years in a European city with the purpose of promoting food companies within an audience
of senior professionals. The event is focused on searching for new and innovative ingredients.

Fi Europe & Ni celebrated since 1986 embraces more than 500,000 people. Furthermore, a billions of euros of business have been done as
a result of this success. The meeting gathers the world’s leading food and beverage suppliers, R&D, production and marketing
specialists, showing the new ingredients and services. Over 1,500 exhibitors featured at Fi Europe & Ni 2013.

Project partners contacted with several interesting companies for the future exploitation of the project.

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 Five months after the kick-off meeting and six months ahead in the project, the 25th of April 2014, a LIGNOFOOD Steering Committee (SC)
and Project Coordination Committeee (PCC) meeting was held at the facilities of partner Technische Universität Graz (IBB-TUG) in Graz,
Austria. The attending partners were Contactica, Isanatur, Envirohemp, Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (ICP-CSIC), Graz
University of Technology (IBB-TUG), TNO, Selcuk University (ILTEK) and the Centre of Innovation and Food Technology from La Rioja
Project LIGNOFOOD had its origin in an idea shared between the Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica of CSIC (ICP-CSIC) and
Contactica after their collaboration in a previous project. The rest of partners then joined progressively the consortium, and some
months later here we are, already totally immersed in the projects first achievements.
The goal of this meeting was for everyone to catch up on the progress reached up to date by each partner, as well as to see what
actions should be covered in the following three months until the next meeting was held. First, the technical issues were reviewed,
following with industry, website, and, lastly, financial issues.
Overall, most partners were embroiled on WP1 regarding the scientific characterization of enzymes and the preparation of activated
supports for the development of immobilization protocols. Results obtained up till now were put on the table. Partner Isanatur, on the
other hand, explained the tasks of WP6 regarding the exploitation and dissemination of results, some of them already concluded like the
press release and the website launch, and others that are already in progress such as the IPR management.
The Consortium also discussed about several issues concerning the SMEs and the future industrial validation of the project results. The
process and scale for the pilot plant design was established for it is expected to start in the following month, in May.
Project Coordinator Contactica used the occasion to present the project website officially and show all of its areas and possibilities.
A workshop on the project website’s configuration, use instructions, and working tools was, however, scheduled for the future, in
order for all partners to be able to make the most of it.
Finally, once the meeting concluded, the attendees didn’t miss the opportunity to visit IBB-TUG facilities. 

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 Kick-off meeting of the European LIGNOFOOD project of Research for the Benefit of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), a 2 Mll€
project supported by 1,6 Mll€ EC funds running from 2013 to 2015

On the 25th November, in Madrid Spain, LIGNOFOOD participants gathered at the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry of CSIC
( to hold the first meeting of this just started project within the Seventh Framework Programme under grant
agreement no 606073 ( 

The main objective of the LIGNOFOOD project ( is to offer a competitive solution to the participating SMEs by
developing a biotechnological process of production of healthy ingredients from natural resources. For this purpose and thanks to the
multidisciplinary consortium of research groups of excellence and biotechnology-based companies, the following targets are expected to
be reached:
•	Biotechnological processes optimization and validation for the production of healthy ingredients from lignocellulosic by-products.
•	Demonstration of the ingredient functionality on gut health by means of non-invasive assays (in vitro models).
•	Food product development with the functional ingredient ensuring food safety, sensorial quality, and consumer acceptance.

The project will enable new production methods of xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS) and xylitol from lignocellulosic agricultural by-products
as starting raw material. XOS are non digestible components recently revealed to stimulate the growth and/or the metabolic activity of
beneficial bacteria in our gut. This feature makes XOS excellent for prebiotic applications, that have promising commercial
perspectives of 14% annual market growth, likely associated to the increasing awareness of the relation between diet and health, around
90.0000 tons of production volume, and 296 Mll€ sales merely in Europe.

Not just XOS but also xylitol helps for a healthier diet. Xylitol is a low caloric sweetener suitable for diabetics and mainly used as
a sugar replacer. Likewise, xylitol counts with a consumer and food industry growing demand and positive market estimators. 

The LIGNOFOOD project participants form an interdisciplinary consortium of Industries, Research and Technological Centres, and Academia
from different countries across Europe: Spain, Italy, Turkey, Austria, and The Netherlands. In total, 10 beneficiary partners integrate
the project consortium: Isanatur Spain S.L. (Spanish Biotechnology-based SME developing innovative healthy natural ingredients),
Envirohemp S.L. (Spanish start-up developing technological solutions for the exploitation of renewable resources through
environmentally sustainable processes), Zade Vital (Turkish SME with a long track in vegetable oils production and emerging in the
field of food supplements), Biotech Power (Italian Biotechnology-based SME developing technological processes and new formulations of
bioactive compounds), Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (Spanish research group expert in enzyme immobilization techniques to
optimize biocatalysts mediated processes), Graz University of Technology (Austrian research group specialized in biocatalysis), TNO
(Dutch Research Centre focused on applied food research and other sciences), Selcuk University (Turkish research group of substantial
technology and biology expertise), Centre of Innovation and Food Technology from La Rioja (Spanish Technological Centre specialist in
food innovation), and the project coordinator, Contactica S.L. (, Spanish R&D consulting company offering
solutions to food industries for health improvement and  competitiveness advance.